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Smoke Signals


The Slowdown:Epilogue

‘The Slowdown: Epilogue’ will be out on CD and Digital on October 29th. An extended,10 track EP featuring remixes from The Unknown Stuntman,Route 24, Scaramanga Silk and Kin;Aesthetic plus some…

‘Trot’ – OST

I am currently working on the soundtrack for the new Bantam Films documentary ‘Trot’. Director Daren Bartlett’s fourth film is a ‘story of men and horses’ and focuses on the world…

New Musics Forthcoming

Recording of the seventh Pilote album, tentatively entitled ‘Libero’, has begun in earnest. It will be a song based record for sure,moving on from where ‘The Slowdown‘ left off, and…

Kin;Aesthetic remix

Brighton based electronica artiste Kin;Aesthetic released their ‘Second First Impressions’ EP on June 28th. Featuring a Pilote remix of ‘Internal Mechanisms‘,the full release is available now digitally.  

Radio Radio Radio

Train 45 is a brand new radio show running every four weeks on a Saturday night between the hours of 10.30 and midnight (BST). Put together by myself,in a mostly…

Hymn To Whom Ever Re-mastered.

In 2010,the fifth Pilote album ‘Life Size Replica’ was released somewhat under the radar.A shambles of a record really(as be-fitted the times!),hurriedly produced and somewhat directionless.I do retain an enormous…

Brand new on the mixcloud!

The Epilogue mix is now streaming on the oneacre mixcloud page and features tracks form Vellico,Kin:Aesthetic,Akron Family as well as a couple of exclusive first airings of upcoming Pilote business.


OneAcre Music is an analog and digital concern set up by myself in the autumn of 2012,in order to have an outlet for various musical projects some are my own,others…


You can now find updates on the nesting studio robins,find bread recipes and maybe even read about new musical endeavours via The Sixth Street Ramble on Tumblr.

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Pilote – ” Foggy Paddock Backstep “

Pilote – Epilogue Mix

“Old Time Influences” Mix